Modern Jazz/Funk

Modern Jazz/Funk is based on traditional Jazz technique but is adapted into a modern, energetic and upbeat dance style. We dance to a wide range of music styles which are always child appropriate. Our classes incorporate a warm up and stretch, fitness and strength, corner and technique work and routine choreography. 


Tap classes are founded on solid tapping technique, however they are a fun and creative class in which students also learn about rhythms and musicality. Classes also include a warm up, technique exercises/corner work and routine choreography.

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet is the foundation of dance and is a very integral part of any dancers learning. Classical classes consist of stretching/warm ups, barre work, centre work, technique and routine choreography.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes are a modern, fun and fast paced class in which students partake in a warm up/stretch, fitness and strength and routine choreography. There are many different styles and techniques in Hip Hop which make classes interesting and varied.


Contemporary choreography varies from lyrical through to strong up tempo and even abstract themes. Classes are built upon Classical technique, which is why we encourage all of our students to train in Classical to assist them in this area of dance. Classes consist of warm up/strectching, strength/flexibilty, exercises and combinations and routine choreography and are a wonderful expression of language for dedicated dancers.

Song and Dance/Song and Tap

Song and Dance/Song and Tap routines are offered to students in private lessons and are at times also included in Tap and Modern Jazz/Funk classes. Song and Dance/Song and Tap routines are presented in a true musical theatre style and contain both singing and dancing sections. Song styles vary from the past through to the present and are very entertaining and theatrical.